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August 01 2009

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July 26 2009

Wine Rx: The French Paradox

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Source link: CBS News: http://tinyurl.com/WineRx
        Isotonix Resveratrol

An antioxidant found in red wine and grapes known as resveratrol, already thought to help keep the heart healthy and to ward off cancer, may also turn out to be a fat fighter, according to new research.

Red wine is brimming with Resveratrol. It is found in high concentrations in the skin of the grape, and seems to play a role in protecting it from invading bacteria and fungi.

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Isotonix Resveratrol v.s. Tablets or Pills

Isotonix is the world most advanced nutriceutical taken orally. Isotonix refers to the form by which supplement is delivered to your body.  Isotonix means having the same fluid pressure as the body fluid. This all natural delivery method reduces the time it takes for your body to absord the nutrients.

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July 25 2009

                   Fountain of Youth in a Wine Rx?

Eighteen years ago, 60 Minutes first examined the so-called French paradox, which suggested that the French - despite a high fat diet and high consumption of wine - had a remarkably low incidence of heart disease compared with Americans. Most researchers agreed that there was something in the wine that offered protection, and a few years later, even the highly cautious federal dietary guidelines say that moderate consumption of red wine can be beneficial.

As 60 Minutes reported in January, scientists across the country have identified a substance in red wine called resveratrol that they believe might do more than just protect the heart, but could in very high concentrations significantly extend life by preventing a number of age related illnesses.

If they're right, we all may soon be taking a pill that could give us an extra decade or two of healthy old age.

Source link: http://tinyurl.com/WineRx

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